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Eight photos of de-streamlined LMS Coronation or Duchess Pacifics ("semis"), one at Euston, the rest between Lancaster and Shap.
PEA121 46239 Euston up Royal Scot 27-6-1952PEB145 46229 Morecambe S Jn Glasgow-Brum 4-1-1953PEB944 46247 Shap up passr W98 19-4-1954PEB948a 46245 Scout Green down Mid-day Scot 1954PEF389 46226 Shap Wells 10-20 Eus-Perth 6-9-1952PEF415a 46225 Lancaster up Mid-day Scot 17-9-1952PEG316 46246 Hest Bank up W98 10-10-1954PEG760 46229 passes 46222 Lancaster 21-7-1956