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Nine photos taken in 1968 - 1969 of this line's last weeks
A13d01 Kingmoor Yd D6851 BRS Ed trip 681023c18iwA13d02a Kingmoor Yd D6851 BRS Ed trip 681023c18iwA14b08 Millerhill Yd Cl 47 D1889 BRS spcl 681123c18iwA15a01 Ed Wav Cl 25 BRS spcl 691123c18iwA15b03 Newcastleton S of Cl 47 up spcl 690104c18iwA15b04 Shankend Cl 55 dn spcl 690104c18iwA15c05 Shankend Cl 45 up flats 690104c18iwA15c06 Shankend Cl 26 dn passr 690104c18iwA15d07 Penton Cl 55 last day spcl 690105c18iw