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Created 30-Apr-11
Modified 24-Feb-23
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24 photos of English Electric Type 4 (later class 40) diesels on the West Coast Main Line in what is now Cumbria, and on the Cockermouth, Keswick & Penrith Railway.

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078a27 43121+D313 Keswick-Eus ecs Penruddock 670716078a28 43121+D313 Keswick-Eus ecs nr Troutbeck 670716078a30 43121+D313 Keswick-Eus ecs Threlkeld 670716078a31 D313+43121 Keswick 670716078b34 43121+D313 Keswick 670716078b37 D313+43121 Keswick-Eus Troutbeck 670716078c03 Clifton&Lowth Cl 40 up passr 670722086f08 Tebay Cl 40 up gds 6711086g16 Greenholme Cl 40 up pax 671109087a18 Greenholme CL 40 up pax 671109087a19 Greenholme CL 40 up pax 671109087b23 Shap Cl 40 dn pcls steam 671109087d07 Etterby Cl 40 1M45 6711088d18 Car Bog Jn Cl 40 up gds 671230088d19 Rome St Jn 7MT 70045 Cl 40 671230091a43 Kingmoot DMD D310+Claytons 680522091g01 Patricroft MPD 5MT 73133 CL 40 680526093d30 Entwistle Cl 40 D216 up gds 680621093d31 Entwistle Cl 40 D216 up gds 680621095e28 Kingmoor Cl 40 dn gds 69