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Six photos of this station, closed in 1972.

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Guestbook for CKPR: Threlkeld station, 1968 - 1971
Keith Wren(non-registered)
All these photos of Threlkeld bring back wonderful memories of the station in the 50s and 60s because Dad (Bob Wren) was one of the signalmen here right up to the point when the box was switched out. Photo 4 is particularly nostalgic because if Dad was on 'Late Turn' my brother and I would walk past the station on our way back from school and, stopping just here, we could never resist shouting up to Dad. He would slide back the box window and then indulge in some to-and-fro banter. We also spent many happy hours in the box with him and one of my most prized possessions is one of the 'Registers' where every train movement was recorded. I have particular memories of three of the regular engines which would pound up the steep bank to Toutbeck (1:62) hauling heavy rakes of coaches: 'Bechuanaland', 'Aden' and 'Border Regiment'; there were many others but those stick in my mind. Also remember well the Cauliflowers and Coal-engines, which were gradually replaced by the Ivatt Class 2s.
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