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45 photos of English Electric Type 4 (later class 40) diesels, mainly on the West Coast Main Line in what is now Cumbria.
012c05 Cl 40 dn R Scot Golborne Jcn 6305012f26 CL 40 D257 pax Man Exchange 6209013c05 Cl 40 dn Perth Golborne 6305014d11 Cl 40 dn Perth, Acton Br 6306014g27 Cl 40 D283 up pax Grayrigg 630614015b36 Cl 40 Mcr-Glw Low Gill 630615015d08 Cl 40D255 dn gds Tebay troughs 630615015d09 Cl 40 D273 Glw-Bhm Tebay troughs 630615015d12 Cl 40 dn Royal Scot Tebay 630615015e13 Cl 40 D287 dn Perth Tebay 630615019g27 Cl 40 D370 dn Md Scot Scout Green 630727020b36 Cl 40 D319 up RScot Tebay 630728022d05 cl 40 D333 dn RScot Wreay 630908022e07 cl 40 D299 Bhm-Glw Wreay 630908025e15 cl 40 dn pax Tebay troughs 640516025f19 cl 40 up gds Dillicar 640516027f20 Cl 40 dn pax Hincaster Jn 640808028d09 cl 40 up pax Chorley 6408028e12 cl 40 Mcr-Heysham bt 6408028f18 cl 40 1M40 Chorley Arches 6408