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26 photos of the last days of steam in what is now Cumbria - the final workings, specials and withdrawn locos awaiting their appointment with oblivion.
074f18 Upperby stored locos 6707075f16 Carlisle spotters+5MT 6707078b34 43121+D313 Keswick 670716078b37 D313+43121 Keswick-Eus Troutbeck 670716081c08 Dent 45593 dn T-C relief 670812084f26 Lazonby GW 7029 dn spcl 670930085a27 Carlisle GW 7029 671001085b03 Baron Wood 6P 45662 up spcl 671007085c08 Greenholme GW7029 dn spcl 671014085d09 Greenholme GW 7029 dn spcl 671014085d13 Baron Wood GW 7029 up spcl 671014085f19 Kingmoor MPD 7MT 70013 671015085f24 Armathwaite 7MT 70013 up spcl 671015085g29 Rockliffe flyover 5MT 45239 spcl 671028086a35 Kingmoor MPD NE A4 4498 671001086e01 Kingmoor MPD LNE A$ 4498 671001086f09 Tebay BR4 banking 6711087a22 Shap Wells 4MT 75030 bkg 671109088b10 9F to Gretna 671230088d19 Rome St Jn 7MT Cl 40 671230