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52 photos, mainly of indiustrial locos at work in the Whitehaven area in the 1960s.
007a01 WHC 0-4-0ST Whitehaven Hbr 6007050d13 NCB 0-4-0ST Whitehaven Hbr 660420050d14 NCB RSH 0-6-0ST Monaville 660420051a32 Solway brake Whitehaven 660425051a34 Solway brake Whitehaven 660425051b02 NCB 0-6-0ST NO 34 Lowca 660430051b03 NCB 0-6-0ST No 34 Lowca 660430051c04 NCB 0-6-0ST No 34 Lowca 660430051c05 NCB 0-6-0ST No 34 Lowca 660430076b34 Micklam USC 0-4-0Ds BRSspcl 6707083a04 0-6-0ST Weasel  Haig 670902083c06 WISC 0-6-0ST 71 Ladysmith 670902083c07 0-4-0ST Victoria Ladysmith shed 670902083c08 0-6-0ST Charles Ladysmith 670902083c09 0-4-0ST P Laysmith 670902083d10 0-4-0ST P + Lingmell tank Ladysmith083d11 0-6-0ST Golborne Ladysmith 670902083d12 0-4-0ST Laysmith083d14 AB 0-4-0ST Whn Marchon 670920083e16 Locos at Whn Ladysmith 670902