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Created 30-Apr-11
Modified 1-May-11
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49 photos of this station, most taken at the time of its closure in 1972.

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p14d16 Keswick old coal cells 1967p14d15 Keswick goods shed 1967p14d14 Keswick sta 1967p14c13 Keswick sta 1967p14c12 Keswick sta 1967p14c11 Keswick No 1 SB interior 1967p14c10 Keswick sta 1967p14c09 Keswick sta No 1 SB 1967p14c08 Keswick turntable 1967p14b07 Keswick sta 1967p14b06 Keswick goods shed 1967p14b05 Keswick sta 1967p14b04 Keswick LNWR-type ground signal 1967p14b03 Keswick No 2 SB 1967p14b02 Keswick view to W 1967A34c07 Keswick sta lkg E with Cl 108 720302A34b05 cl 108 Keswick sta 720302A27d10 cl 108 Keswick sta 7007A27d09 cl 108 Keswick sta 7007138a06 Keswick No 2 SB detail 721011