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77 photos of the line from Oxenholme through Kendal to Windermere.
128b06 Staveley  sta lkg E 720610128b08 Staveley  sta lkg NW 720610128b09 Staveley sta barrow 720610128b09 Windermere sta barrow 720610128b10 Windermere Ex-WNat Bristol MWs 720610128c12 Windermere sta 720610128c13 Windermere sta 720610128c14 Cl 108 Windermere 720610128c15 Windermere SB 720610128c17 Windemere sigs 720610128c18 Windermere sta 720610128d18 Windermere sta lamp 720610128d19 Cl 108 Windermere sta 720610128d20 Windermere sta 720610128d21 Burneside sta 720610128e24 Burnside Sta Frame 720610128e25 Burneside sta barrow 720610128f28 Burneside sta Croppers sdg 720610128f29 Burneside point lever 720610128f30 Burneside point lever 720610